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Testimonial from The Black Forest Cafe

Why Choose Professional Food Photography:

Restaurants and businesses who invest in quality, custom photographs see an immediate increase in traffic, interest, and sales.  Beautiful, crisp, well-lit photos of your own food (not stock images) can positively influence customers and the overall impression of your restaurant.  In early 2012, I photographed the Black Forest Cafe’s new spring dessert menu in preparation for the upcoming busy Easter season, and  owner Martha Walters was kind enough to share with me the impact those photos had on their bakery sales: In comparing the Easter weekend sales from 2011 to 2012, total bakery sales doubled, the best selling cake was the Strawberry Velvet (the one highlighted in photos and social media), and total sales of all cakes doubled.

What I can do for You:

For your restaurant or food-related business, I can create beautiful, engaging, and well-done photographs for your small business website and social media. I specialize in helping Southern New Hampshire businesses, local shops and restaurants complete an updated web presence by providing gorgeous photographs. I utilize natural light photography, which truly captures the personality and character of the people and places that I photograph (and by the way, is not limited by dark or dim environments). My style is fresh, colorful, clean, and thoughtful. People often remark, “Wow, I never knew “xyz” could look so good.” You’ll be surprised at how amazing your restaurant, shop, or service can look through my lens. Dark restaurant? I don’t bring in any crazy lighting equipment or stylists, it‘s just me and my camera present to capture the ambiance of your business (and as a professional I maintain backup equipment in the unlikely event of a malfunction). Using professional Canon camera bodies and lenses capable of low-light capture ensure you’ll be amazed at the image quality. I guarantee you’ll be proud to show off your new photos on your website, and you’ll see positive results in your sales, traffic, and interest.

Contact me if you feel that natural light photography could bring out the ambiance and personality of your restaurant or shop. I like to keep things as simple as possible for everyone.  My pricing is straightforward and easy to work with.  Proof of insurance can be provided upon request. Please email erikafc@comcast.net to inquire about pricing, describe your needs, and see about scheduling a time for me to come out and shoot.  I look forward to hearing from you!

What Can You do With the Images I Create for You?

The possibilities are endless!

  • Update your website.  When it comes to food, people eat with their eyes first. Plaster your website with beautiful, large food images and you will instantly peak the interest of new and existing customers.
  • Social Media. Share those beautiful new photos with the world. Let people know you have a strong media presence and find customers where they most often are: online. A great food photo is money in the bank.
  • Create a savvy press kit. If you sell your product to other businesses, or are featured in any other venue, share your new images with those who can promote you. Make it easy for people to talk about you by giving them strong images to accompany your business name: other retailers, venues, organizations, and groups.
  • Print ads. With a print license you may use your new photos in any publication. Wouldn’t you love to see your food promoted in The Hippo, NH Magazine, local newspaper, etc?


Restaurants | Bakeries | Cafes | Catering | Street Food
What better way to attract new customers than to feature beautiful photos of your delicious dishes on your website? Enhance your menu page with photos that really show off the food!  I use natural and ambient light to photograph food and restaurants to really capture the true personality and atmosphere of a restaurant. I do not use assistants, stylists, off-camera lighting, or anything other than me and my camera (and the occasional tripod).  If you have a small scale project in mind, I may be the photographer for you. I don’t have a “team”…. it’s just me!  You’ll never hear me use the “royal we” in describing my work or my business.
Farm | Farmer’s Market | Agriculture | Produce | Gardens | Farm to Table
Do you own a garden center or nursery or farm stand? Do you need fresh and vibrant photos for your website or marketing materials? I love plants, flowers, and agricultural settings. Allow me to photograph your gardens, nurseries, orchards, produce stands, greenhouses.  Sessions may last over the course of 1-3 days depending on the size, location, and weather conditions to allow me to fully take advantage of the best light during the day.  Plants, like everyone else, look their best in morning and early evening light.
Retail | Shops | Boutiques | Beauty | Pets
The more unique your small business, the more I want to photograph it! Inspire potential customers with vibrant, thoughtful, and beautiful photos of your shop that reflect all the hard work you put into making your business a special place.  Your website should be eye catching, so hire me to create memorable images of your business. You can use the photos to switch out your current mediocre photos, or replace the impersonal stock photography with something REAL and personalized. Inviting photos will encourage customers to shop locally.