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The Gyro Spot, Manchester NH | Food Photography

There’s a wonderful little restaurant on Elm Street in Manchester that offers great gyros–The Gyro Spot. They’ve been open for a while now, but I only just now had a chance to swing by. I freaking love gyros. Theirs are delicious, and are shaved right off the spit. Today I enjoyed the traditional pork gyro, which they served with french fries right inside it, but I got them on the side because I felt like it might be a bit too much. I think I was right! But the gyro was very well done. I’ll remember to ask for more tzatziki sauce next time.

Beautiful streetfront windows with an entertaining Elm St. sidewalk people-watching view allowed me to get these brightly lit images.

food photography from The Gyro Spot

And feta fries!  I just had to try them. Kind of a play on the pub-grub cheese fries, with a Greek twist. Yummy, and HUGE. Two or more people could share this easily.

pictures of the food at Gyro Spot, Manchester NH

Hope you enjoyed the photos, and seeing a bit of the offerings at the Gyro Spot. Definitely check them out if you’re in downtown Manchester!

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