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La Vaka Mexican Restaurant | Goffstown NH

The Goffstown community is so thrilled to have the much-anticipated Mexican restaurant La VaKa open recently! It is not often that we get a new restaurant, and this Mexican restaurant is different from anything we currently have, and to my knowledge there hasn’t been an authentic Mexican restaurant in the 23 years that I’ve lived here.

La VaKa Mexican Restaurant | Goffstown NH

Located in Pinardville, in the old Shaw’s plaza, La VaKa is in the space that Makuto Hibachi used to occupy. (Why do we still call it the Shaw’s plaza when Shaw’s closed well over 10 years ago??) The space is completed transformed, and it is a massive restaurant. Every inch is beautifully decorated with bright colors and Mexican-inpsired artwork and themes. Even the tables, benches, and chairs are painted with delightful characters.

There are 2 bars, and a salsa making station with gigantic molcajetes and also a tortilla station. The space is brightly lit with bold painted colors and a few fun photo ops scattered about like the large cow at the entrance, and a large flowering tree with dangling hearts in the back.

La VaKa Mexican Restaurant | Goffstown NH

Margaritas and Appetizers

La VaKa Mexican Restaurant | Goffstown NH

We started our meal with the complementary chips and salsa that they brought out. The chips are freshly fried corn chips, and the salsa is bright and fresh…… but not spicy in the least. That was the first surprise. I suppose a very mild salsa would appeal to more of the New Hampshire clientele. Still, it was all delicious. We also ordered their queso fundido, which for me is a benchmark of a Mexican restaurant because it’s my favorite. Again, not spicy but very creamy and tasty, with a good amount of seasoned chorizo throughout.

For drinks I ordered the Milagro Anejo 16 oz margarita with salt rim. I also upgraded to the fresh lime juice which is $1.50 more per drink and worth it! The margarita comes garnished with dried citrus wheels and a cocktail pick topped with a cute little cactus on the end. My second drink had a little watermelon.


La VaKa Mexican Restaurant | Goffstown NH
El Huarache

I ordered the El Huarache with steak and verde sauce and it was wonderful. It’s a large dinner plate-sized entree loaded with meat and vegetables, including nopales (cactus) which is so good. The fresh corn masa has a bright and distinctive taste. And at $10.50 it’s an amazing price for a full entree!

La VaKa Mexican Restaurant | Goffstown NH
Seafood Chimichangas with shrimp and blue crab

My husband and son also got the Seafood Chimichangas and Chimichangas with shredded beef. No complaints anywhere! Overall, everyone was very happy with their meals albeit a little lacking in heat which was very minimal.

Welcome to Goffstown, La VaKa!

553 Mast Rd.
Goffstown NH 03045


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