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Delta One 777-300ER BOS-AMS

For my outbound flight to Scotland in May, I was lucky enough to experience Delta One, which is their single cabin premium class. I booked my round trip tickets through Flying Blue, transferring Chase Ultimate Reward points. The total cost was 125,000 points (62,500 each way) and $304.39 in taxes and fees.

I had not yet flown an American airline overseas, but I’d heard good things about Delta One, so I was excited to give it ago. The flight departed out of Boston’s Terminal A which was recently renovated to accommodate an all new Delta terminal. First stop: the Delta Sky Club!

Delta Sky Lounge BOS Terminal A

The lounge was half full when I went in. There is lots of seating available, and much of it was in use, especially towards the windows. I found a nice little area in the back with wide windows overlooking the gates.

Delta Sky Lounge BOS Terminal ADelta Sky Lounge BOS Terminal ADelta Sky Lounge BOS Terminal A

There were some hot food options available, with a noodle and pasta buffet. There were also plenty of snacks like crackers, hummus, cheese, and crudite.  Dessert options were cookies, brownies, and popcorn. I was kind of surprised that they provide disposable plates and plastic utensils rather than actual dishes.

Delta Sky Lounge BOS Terminal ADelta Sky Lounge BOS Terminal A

They had a beautiful bar available, but I like this much less than the lounges where you can serve yourself alcohol. I’m never sure which wines are free, and sometimes the attendant is not around. I’d much rather have an open bar with all the liquors, mixers, beers and wines sitting out. Still, I managed to come away with a couple glasses of red wine. Cuz that’s how I like it.

Delta Sky Lounge BOS Terminal A

On Board

I arrived at my seat, 04a, and it was lovely. A single angled booth with a layflat seat, Tumi amenity kit, and great in flight entertainment. I always check Seat Guru to make sure I choose a good single seat, and that I’m not sharing with anybody.

delta one flight BOS-AMS reviewdelta one flight BOS-AMS review

delta one flight BOS-AMS review delta one flight BOS-AMS review

The Tumi amenity kit was really nice, and my favorite part was the little miniature Delta pen. Can be very handy for filling out immigration cards (although I learned to carry my own after a nasty experience in Canada). Apparently you can take the little monogram patch to any Tumi store and have it engraved for free, not that there are ANY Tumi stores anywhere near New Hampshire. The headphones were also quite nice for watching movies. This flight had one of the nicest blankets I’ve ever had on a flight, a warm duvet that I just snuggled right into. I don’t think any blanket on a flight has come close to this one, except for a Lufthansa flight a couple of years ago as a distant second.

Delta One Tumi amenity kit

Welcome drink service began and with champagne in hand, I was ready to roll!

delta one flight BOS-AMS review

Here’s a view of the menu:

delta one flight BOS-AMS menudelta one flight BOS-AMS menu

While we were enjoying the warm nuts and first course of wine, the attendants took our requests for dinner.

First course: soup, salad, bread, grilled peaches (& more wine).

delta one flight BOS-AMS mealdelta one flight BOS-AMS meal

I chose the Australian lamb for the main course.

delta one flight BOS-AMS meal

And the food just kept coming! Next was a lemon tart for dessert.

delta one flight BOS-AMS dessert

After dinner, I reclined my seat all the way down and stretched out to get some rest. I don’t think I ever sleep very well on planes, even in the lie-flat beds, but any rest is always a good thing for landing so early in the morning in Europe. It’s a really long day if you don’t get any rest on the plane.

Soon it was time to get up and eat again! Breakfast was a potato and gruyere frittata, fruit, croissant, and coffee.  The tomato hollandaise sauce kind of separated and didn’t look very appealing, but it tasted good with the asparagus.

delta one flight BOS-AMS breakfastdelta one flight BOS-AMS breakfast

All in all, it was a very pleasant and uneventful flight from Boston to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.  From there I made my connection on KLM to my final destination: Scotland!  I enjoyed Delta One very much and would happily travel with them on a future trip.

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