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Christmas Cookie Assortment

We were surprised Thursday night when Uncle Doug showed up early for his Christmas visit! The kids were so. freaking. excited.  He drove all the way up from Virginia and stopped by first thing before the boys went to bed. And he brought us the most amazing cookie assortment made by his very talented friend Michele, who is by all accounts quite the baker!!   I was so thrilled to see the cookies, and also a bit relieved because I knew I would not be getting much done in that regard. I never have the time or patience to do stuff like that, although for some reason I have the patience to fiddle with photo props to take all these pictures. They were too pretty not to! You know I was in a patient mood for this, because I actually used my tripod for this and you KNOW I hate that thing. It was so dark and rainy that I was at about 1/5 of a second for most of these, or slower. Ridiculous.

Amazing Peanut Butter Balls:

peanut butter balls

Snickerdoodles and Russian Tea Cakes:

snickerdoodles and russian tea cakes

Amaretto Bars and Fudge:

amaretto bars and fudge

christmas cookie assortment

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