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Breakfast in Reykjavik

Reykjavik seems to be full of gorgeous little bakeries and cafes. The bread game is strong with the Icelanders, and of course the amazing Skyr butter helps as well! That means it’s very easy to find a great breakfast close to wherever you are.  I did two options (when I didn’t eat at my hotel): one very popular one, and one lesser known one, but all by the same company.

Sandholt is an incredible bakery on Laugavegur, and only a 4 minute walk from my hotel. The display of cakes, pies, sandwiches, breads, and pastries is just eye-popping. You will want to take one of everything with you! This bakery also has a eat-in cafe which is very delicious and very popular for that reason. I waited in line for a good while to eat breakfast, but it was worth it.

I had a lovely quiche (meat or vegetarian option available), with salad and grilled bread, and lovely cup of kaffi (but just one, as refills are not included). The beautiful Icelandic water is free, and worth it to drink just by itself. The water is really incredible.

Breakfast at Sandholt, ReykjavikBreakfast at Sandholt, ReykjavikBreakfast at Sandholt, Reykjavik

Right next door to the Sandholt bakery is the beautiful Sandhotel. Inside, their affiliated “Brennda Braudid Sandholt Eatery & Bar” is the same food and quality as Sandholt, but the menu is different, however.  When the line was so long at the Sandholt, the hostess kept mentioning that people could go next door to the Sandhotel where there was no waiting at all. That is exactly what I did on my last day. The eatery in the hotel was quiet and dim, and absolutely no one was there other than me.

I ordered the Savory Doughnut with Bacon, Poached Egg, Guacamole and Hollandaise sauce. It was fun and so surprising (and delicious).

Breakfast at the Sandhotel, Laugavegur 34, ReykjavikBreakfast at the Sandhotel, Laugavegur 34, Reykjavik

I enjoyed trying two different restaurants, one very well known and the other not, but serving the same high quality food. Both of these breakfasts cost 2300ISK, or about $23 USD. Pretty pricey for breakfast, but absolutely normal for Iceland. Definitely give the Sandhotel a try if you find yourself at the end of a long line at the Sandholt.

Breakfast at the Sandhotel as an alternative to Sandholt bakery.

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