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A Week at the Starhotels Splendid Venice

Your hotel, and of course, its location, can set the entire tone for your trip as it physically affects everything else you do. Do you have to exit your hotel and set off on foot to the nearest bus station, or metro? Or, do you simply step outside and find yourself right in a central location, right in the thick of everything you want to see?

The latter was definitely the case with my hotel.  One of the major stars of my week in Venice in July 2016 was my home base, the Starhotels Splendid Venice, known simply as the Splendid. Its location could not have been any better: centrally located between San Marco and the Rialto Bridge. It was an easy walk to either of them, and I quickly learned the route snaking through all the tiny alleyways and over pontes.

starhotels splendid venice front door

Beautiful Guest Room

starhotels splendid venice room view
starhotels splendid venice deluxe room

The bathroom was incredible, and heavily covered in Italian marble. I laughed at the bidet, but did not summon up the courage to use it. The shower was fine, but the tiny little partition did nothing for water control, and I ended up with huge puddles in the floor. I never quite figured out who the phone in the bathroom would call.

starhotels splendid venice deluxe room

Opening my curtains to the view outside was like a treasure hunt. First, I peeled back thick drapes to reveal a set of sheer curtains for letting in light but retaining privacy, and then finally, I was able to open the working window, and release the green shutters which folded back against the building. There were no screens, so I could lean out into the humid air to look down at the canal below my room. My first night in my room there was a sliver of a moon right between the building and the church across the street, and I thought the dusk settling on my little corner of Venice was absolutely magical. I was ready for the next day and all the discoveries I would make.

View of the Canal

starhotels splendid venice room view

In the daytime, my view looked like this:

starhotels splendid venice deluxe room view 2nd floor

One outstanding feature of the hotel is its rooftop bar. Incredible!  There are not many of these in Venice, so it’s an extra special way to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening when the sun is going down. The views are incredible.

starhotels splendid venice view from rooftop bar

You can even see the domes of San Marco Basilica, which is not far at all as the crow flies.

starhotel splendid venice view from rooftop bar

I absolutely loved staying in the Starhotels Splendid Venice for my weeklong stay in La Seressima. It was wonderfully comfortable with the central air conditioning, large bathroom, and comfortable bed. The location can’t be beat for walking to all the major sites, and the rooftop bar is a really special feature.

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