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Albergo del Senato in Rome

Albergo del Senato hotel Rome Pantheon

The Albergo del Senato is located right next to the Pantheon in Rome, and was an actual dream come true. I can’t even say enough wonderful things about it, and I can’t fathom staying anywhere else in Rome. For one thing, the location has one of the most incredible views of one of the most famous ancient monuments in the world. Imagine the Pantheon right outside your window, and the wonderful activity of the piazza right below you. Here’s more about my stay in late April/early May 2017.

Beautiful modern guest rooms

Albergo del Senato hotel Rome Pantheon
Albergo del Senato hotel Rome Pantheon
Hotel Review: The Albergo del Senato, Rome

Breathtaking view out my window!

Rooftop Bar Overlooking the Pantheon

The rooftop bar is a real treat at this hotel. I spent my last evening in Rome sipping an Aperol Spritz while watching the sun go down over the Piazza below. It was gorgeous and peaceful, and a wonderful quiet memory of Rome that I will always remember. In all the hustle to do all the sightseeing you possibly can, and wearing yourself out in the process, some of my sweetest memories are of just being still and taking it all in around me. That’s Italy for you.

Albergo del Senato hotel Rome Pantheon
Albergo del Senato hotel Rome Pantheon
Aperol Spritz at the rooftop bar at Albergo del Senato, Rome
Albergo del Senato hotel Rome Pantheon

Enjoy the Bustle of the Piazza

The piazza is constantly teeming with people from morning until late at night. It was vastly entertaining to watch everything that goes on from my window…..the restaurants all around the piazza are always full, the lines to get into the Pantheon normally snake all the way around the fountain, the horse buggies and guys in Gladiator costumes are always looking for tourists. And then, there are the concerts that go on nearly all day long. They appear to be a on a schedule, so that there is only one act going on at a time. There was an amazing cellist, an opera singer, and a few guitarists. One guy plays Pink Floyd every late afternoon.

Cello player in Rome, at the Pantheon

I will never forget my incredible stay at the Albergo del Senato. It was pure Italian magic. Sleeping right outside the Pantheon for seven nights was an experience of a lifetime.


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