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6 Food Tours to Take in Rome

Italian food is one of the best loved cuisines in the entire world, so Rome is a perfect place to explore all it has to offer with regards to restaurants, classic recipes, as well as modern street food.  Taking a food tour while on vacation is one of the absolute best ways to learn about a new location, because you not only get to learn about the history and culture like you would on any walking tour, but you also get to eat all the wonderful things as well! I highly recommend doing a food tour on your first or second day, because then you can use what you learned to have the best experience for the rest of your stay.

Here are six food tours that you should not miss while in Rome:

Twilight in Trastevere” by Eating Europe

This absolutely fantastic tour by Eating Europe takes you on a whirlwind of Roman cuisine: Jewish artichokes, a stew recipe that dates back to the time of Caesar served in a 2000 year old wine cellar, Italian cookies made by the cutest shopkeepers, a tasting of two Roman pasta classics (amatriciana and cacio e pepe), Roman style pizza and suppli, mouthwatering porchetta, and of course, artisanal gelato, along with wine and beer.

eating europe food tour | twilight in trastevere | Rome

“Flavors of the Historical Center Food & Wine Tour” by The Roman Food Tour

This is an incredible dinner tour which begins in one of the city’s oldest salumerias with an astonishing antipasto course. Then, you’re whisked up to a hotel with a restaurant overlooking the Trevi Fountain, with astonishing views that the crowds of people down below can only dream about. Fine wine, Parmigiano Reggiano, and balsamic vinegar tastings are followed by a lovely vegan pasta course at a restaurant the locals love. Save room for Roman pizza and tiramisu. This tour takes place around the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and Spanish Steps.

roman food tour historic center

The Jewish Ghetto and Navona Food Tour” by Raphael Tours

This is an elegant evening dinner tour that includes a mixture of sit down stops, and street visits. The dinner stop is in the underground level of a popular restaurant off of Campo di Fiori, and you’ll eat in the remains of an ancient theatre believed to be near the site of Caesar’s death. You’ll also enjoy fine wines, pizza, sandwiches, tiramisu, espresso, and gelato. This tour covers the amazing history of Campo di Fiori, the Jewish Ghetto, and ends near the Pantheon.

jewish ghetto rome food tour | raphael tours

A Taste of Testaccio” by Eating Europe

You won’t find many tourists in Testaccio, a working class neighborhood. Here you’ll be treated to what everyday Romans eat, including visits to the local bakeries for pizza and sandwiches, fresh produce from the market, suppli, gelato, and an amazing visit to a popular restaurant for the Holy Trinity of Roman pasta: Amatriciana, carbonara, and cacio e pepe, all underground with a view to a mountain of stacked broken pots over 2000 years old. You have to see it to believe it.

testaccio food tour | eating europe | Rome

“Rome Street Food Tour” by Rome Tours with Local Guide Claudia

There are no sit down stops on this tour–it’s all about the street food! Starting with the vendors in Campo di Fiori, you’ll sample a wide variety of olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and pestos, and learn the difference between all of them. Then, enjoy stops for tastings of suppli, pizza, Jewish artichokes, pastries, and gelato. You’ll be full after this one!

rome street food rome tours with local guide

“Vatican Food and Drink Tour” by Eating Europe

While this exact tour is no longer offered, the Prati neighborhood near the Vatican is an outstanding foodie destination that should not be missed. There are several other companies offering tours in this area including this one: Prati by Sunset.

vatican food and drink tour by eating europe | Rome
six food tours in rome
six foodie things to do in rome | food tours

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