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Sun Voyager Sculpture | Reykjavik

The Sun Voyager Sculpture is a must-see attraction in Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik, and it’s easy to get to thanks to the walkable nature of the small city. It is perched on the edge of the bay, along the Sæbraut main road. If you continue west, it’s a short distance to the Harpa concert hall.

Sun Voyager Sculpture | ReykjavikFor this photo I literally had to just sit there and wait for like 30 minutes to get this shot with (almost) no people. I waited as tour bus after tour bus arrived, unloaded tons of people, spent 10 minutes, and then drove away. This repeated several times until I caught the right moment. I wasn’t on a tour bus so I was in no hurry (and I’m stubborn). I love the reflective material of the sculpture and how it reflects the light of the water, the mountains, and whatever the sun looks like at the time of day it is. You can do a quick Google search and find so many amazing photos of this sculpture illuminated by dawn, sunset, storm clouds, etc. I did not have dramatic lighting, only soft pale cloudy morning light, which I didn’t mind.

I also didn’t mind this one lone guy in my photo. You just can’t help but sit there and look out over the Bay pondering being a Viking 1000 years ago, letting your log float out from your ship and wherever it lands is where you will build your settlement. True story, by the way (supposedly).

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