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Bar One NH | Milford

Exterior of Bar One NH in Milford, NH

We finally had a chance to try out Bar One in Milford, NH for a late Valentine’s Day dinner, after about a year and half of cancelled plans. When I say it’s very difficult for my husband and I to go out to dinner together, I’m not exaggerating. I first heard about Bar One from social media buzz, and put it on our mental list of places we wanted to go next. Two Christmases, a Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday and 15th anniversary went by before we finally made it! This is a small place off of the Milford Oval, near the library. They have generated such a social media buzz even without a proper website, only a Yelp page.

We snagged a small street facing table so that I could capture the last remaining bit of day light for the photos, but I knew by the time we got to entrees it would mostly be dark.

Food Photos Bar One NH | Milford NH Restauran

Drinks & Appetizers

We started out with the Bar One truffle fries for our appetizer, which also came with a little bowl of snack crackers kind of like a cheez its party mix. Bar One is known for their craft cocktails, so I was eager to try a couple of their drinks. My first drink was a Voodoo: Rum, Blueberry Syrup, and Lime.

Food Photos Bar One NH | Milford NH Restaurant
<em>Voodoo Cocktail Rum Blueberry Syrup Lime with Bar One Truffle Fries<em>


Usually there are some amazing looking specials that they post to Facebook, but on that night there weren’t any specials that we were aware of so we ordered from the regular menu. I chose the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, and Dave had the Notorious BLT.

Food Photos Bar One NH | Milford NH Restauran
<em>Bar One NH Buttermilk Fried Chicken entree<em>

The boneless fried chicken was nice, and was smothered in a delicious duck gravy. I thought the fried chicken looked and tasted like it might have been overfried, but after seeing some other photos posted online it seems like it is commonly served with a dark fry crisp. Without that sauce, it would have been way too dry as the fried chicken would not stand on its own. The cornbread was nice and not overly sweet, and is served without butter.

Food Photos Bar One NH | Milford NH Restauran
The Notorious BLT from Bar One NH

The inside of the BLT, with candied bacon and pepper jelly, was utterly delicious (I had a bite of his sandwich). But honestly neither one of us could get past the burned grill marks on the bread. The overcooked char taste permeated everything. The chips were also overfried.

My second drink was the Whiskeylicious: Whisky, Montenegro, Blueberry Syrup, and Lemon. It was very delicious and very small.

Food Photos Bar One NH | Milford NH Restauran

We enjoyed our night out very much! Considering it is a 45 minute drive from home, and the food was just ok for us due to being a bit overcooked, I’m not sure we would go back in the immediate future unless we happened to be over that way. And considering that it took us about a year and half to make it over there, the outlook doesn’t look favorable. Still, I’ll take any excuse to go out at night without kids! That makes the evening an automatic winner.

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