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Burgers and Beer Grillhouse Edinburgh

On my second day in Edinburgh, I visited Edinburgh Castle as soon as they opened at 9:30 and spent a couple of hours exploring. Getting close to noon, the castle became more crowded than I could possibly stand. I headed back down the Royal Mile for some lunch! Now this was before my 2 food tours in Edinburgh so I still didn’t have my bearings about where I’d like to eat. I’d browsed Trip Advisor the night before and found a great sounding gourmet burger restaurant right on the Mile and not far from my hotel: The Burgers and Beers Grillhouse.

Burgers and Beer Grillhouse

Burgers & Beers Grillhouse, Edinburgh Royal Mile
Burgers & Beers Grillhouse, Edinburgh Royal Mile

Directly next to Fishmarket Close, there is a highly rated little burger place with a nice variety of American-themed flavors. I went with the Rocky Balboa (a bacon & blue variety), although the Frying Scotsman with its haggis fritter was a close second choice. I was also intrigued by the Elvis-themed banana and peanut butter “King of the Mile.” I have no idea how Anna Nicole Smith made her way onto a list with other American legends, but that one had a little spice to it.

The restaurant has a great casual decor, and it was not crowded when I was there, having just got there after it opened for lunch. This was a great opportunity to try my first Scottish beer, so I went with the Caledonian Coast to Coast. Smooth and delicious!

Burgers & Beers Grillhouse, Edinburgh Royal Mile

I was very happy with the burger and fries when they came out. It was huge and beautiful, and was awesome. You can never go wrong with a bacon & blue burger.

Burgers & Beers Grillhouse, Edinburgh Royal Mile

I enjoyed the Burgers and Beers Grillhouse very much, and found it an easy and filling option for lunch. Their menu is simple, and they are good at what they do!



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