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On Monday I went to lunch at Cotton…. by myself. Which was not a big deal, but I just couldn’t get anybody to go with me. I have no problem dining out by myself, in fact, it’s very enjoyable, but I do get a little self conscious whipping out the gigantic camera. Especially in a place like Cotton, where all the tables are completely open to view, and there aren’t booths to hide in.  Not that I have anything to hide, but I just sometimes feel like people will think I’m up to something, like sneaky restaurant reviews. Ha! Little do they know that I like everything. I’m just always in search of good light and clean backgrounds.

So even though there were 3 options listed for the starting course, I opted for the Springtime Wedge again which I had last time I was there (against my cardinal rule of ordering duplicate dishes from great restaurants) ….. because it’s so dang good. This time was no exception with the amazing buttermilk dill dressing, and ham bits. It was fantastic. I love this one.

Springtime Wedge | Cotton | Restaurant Week NH

I chose the Iowa State Fair Pork Sandwich for the entree because how fun does that sound!? It was great, and I loved it. Ate it all actually. 🙂 Because I have no reading comprehension anymore, I think I was expecting a pulled pork sandwich, but that’s only because I clearly did not read carefully. Still, it had great flavors with the blend of sweet pickles and mustard sauce and cheese.Iowa State Pork Sandwich | Cotton | Restaurant Week NH

This awesome lunch is only $13.95 for two courses. An amazing deal for Restaurant Week! Also, my iced tea was incredible. Sounds weird to say, but, being a Southerner, if you’ve ever read any of my other experiences with iced tea in New England you’ll know that is not something you’ll ordinarily hear me say. This tea was great.

Cotton | Restaurant Week NH

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