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Putnam’s Waterview Restaurant | Goffstown

Putnam’s Waterview Restaurant in Goffstown, NH has long been a staple of the village. While it has always been a beloved spot for locals, its incredible remodel in 2018 makes it look absolutely beautiful and a gem of our little town! You can dine indoors in their newly renovated dining room overlooking the Piscataquog River, or outdoors on their incredible new patio.

Goffstown Restaurant | Putnam's Waterview  | Food Photos

Dave and I had the chance to visit one weekday in lunch on a chilly December day. We were seated right next to the fireplace which was a wonderful touch. The food was wonderful, as always. Here is a recap of our meal.

Appetizer: Southwest Egg Rolls

Putnam’s always does a really nice job with the presentation of dishes. You’ll always find a nice garnish and creative plating here.

Goffstown Restaurant | Putnam's Waterview | Food Photos | Southwest Egg Rolls

Entrée: Fried Clam Roll

Yes, there is a roll under that heaping pile of fried clams. This is one of Dave’s favorite places for fried seafood because the batter is nice and light and properly fried. I can never help stealing a couple of the fries because they are just so good.

Goffstown Restaurant | Putnam's Waterview | Food Photos | Fried Clams

Entree: Crab Cakes

I have gotten these crab cakes a couple of times as they’re often on the daily special menu. The sauce is so amazing! This is a very filling and comforting dish.

Goffstown Restaurant | Putnam's Waterview | Food Photos | Crab Cakes

As a longtime patron of Putnam’s, I can recommend a few other of my favorites. The turkey club is wonderful, and as I mentioned, the fries are amazing too. I also really love the fettucine alfredo with chicken. The grilled garlic bread that comes with it is delicious. Putnam’s onion rings are a delightful surprise. They come in one size only which is an enormous pile of rings like you’ve never seen! You also can’t go wrong with their steak and cheese sub, or the clam chowder.

Putnam's Waterview Goffstown NH Restaurant | Food Photographer | Steak and Cheese Sub
<em>Putnams Steak and Cheese Sub | Main Street Goffstown<em>

Update: In the winter of 2021, Putnam’s participated in the Goffstown Restaurant Bingo promotion during which time I went back and had more wonderful meals. Below you’ll see their fish and chips, turkey club, and the steak and cheese sub. Have I mentioned how I love Putnam’s fries?

Putnam's Waterview Restaurant | Goffstown NH Dining | Erika Follansbee Food Photographer
<em>Fish Chips Turkey Club and Steak Cheese<em>

Find Putnam’s here:

40 Main St.
Goffstown NH 03045

Follow them on Facebook to see their daily specials board which is updated twice a day!

Photographer Erika Follansbee of Parker Street Food & Travel

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Erika Follansbee is a published Goffstown, NH food photographer whose job is to make food look amazing. She is available for hire to help small restaurants and cafes to create beautiful images of their dishes to use for marketing, websites, and social media. Magazine-quality food images are the best form of advertisement.

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