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Eclectic and flavorful global meal at Street in Portsmouth NH | New Hampshire food photographer

Call me officially obsessed. I had to run over to Portsmouth for an errand and while I was there I wanted to try STREET, a new (to me) restaurant, for lunch. Street sounded very intriguing to me, being a restaurant that specializes in street food from around the world. As someone who literally plans entire international trips to discover new street food, well…… I felt like this restaurant must be a kindred spirit.

Street | Portsmouth NH Restaurant Food Photographer | Cemita Sandwich with Curry Fries

I knew I should probably get there early because I hate sitting at the bar, and I knew that if I went in as a solo diner they would want to put me at the bar. At 11:35 I walked in, just five minutes after opening and there were already folks there! Thankfully I dodged the bar thing, and was lucky enough to be seated at a little table next to some windows with great indirect lighting…… and just see for yourself how beautiful that light was!

Street | Portsmouth NH Restaurant Food Photographer | Cemita Sandwich with Curry Fries | Margarita

A beautiful margarita was the first order of the day, and at the server’s suggestion I tried the Sunburnt Margarita which is Mi Campo Reposado, orange liqueur, lime, chili simple syrup, mango puree, and muddled raspberries. Look at that color! Absolutely stunning. It was spicy and delicious. I didn’t even mind the fruit-forward flavor. Usually I am a lime purist but dang that one felt healthy and vitamin-packed.

Street | Portsmouth NH Restaurant Food Photographer | Cemita Sandwich with Curry Fries
<em>Cemita and Curry Fries from STREET | Portsmouth NH<em>

Next, I ordered the Cemita which is a huge Mexican sandwich with a juicy fried chicken thigh, avocado, Mexican fried cheese, cilantro, chipotle mayo, pickled red onion, all on a sesame seed bun. There are also a couple of fish options that I think would be incredible. I also added a side of Curry Fries which are very popular. These fries are completely smothered with a vibrant curry mayo sauce, and served with curry ketchup.

I have not enjoyed food more than this in a very long time. I think I was literally dancing in my seat. Everything was so flavorful, and the sauces were dripping everywhere. It was easily the best thing I have eaten in recent memory. Mexican, Indian, German….. all of it! It’s like taking the absolute best of global flavors and mashing them all together. But then again, that is the whole point of this restaurant!

STREET is wonderfully popular! And with good reason of course. When I arrived at 11:35 there was plenty of seating but it quickly filled in, and by the time I left at 12:15, it looked pretty full and people were pouring in the door. And not in small groups, either. They were larger groups of like 6 and 8. No idea where they were going to sit, but I was thankful that I’d planned my visit for first thing.

So when can I go back??

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