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Patty B’s Italian Restaurant | Dover NH

A wonderful Italian meal at Patty B's in Dover, NH

I recently went to Patty B’s Italian restaurant in Dover, NH when we were over in that part of the state. I had heard many good things about it, and being a huge fan of creamy pasta dishes, this looked like a place I would love.

Drinks and Appetizer

Patty B's | Dover NH | Bruschetta

I was so excited to try their Bruschetta to start out with. I saw it mentioned somewhere that this was a specialty of theirs and it was indeed pretty epic! Toasted ciabatta was topped with piles of fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, parmesan cheese, and a generous drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

For my first cocktail I chose Patty’s Cosmo. I had a hard time choosing from their drinks menu, but something tart and citrusy just felt right. My favorite thing was that they shake it so all these tiny little icy shards end up throughout the drink and it’s just so refreshing.

Patty B's | Dover NH | Pasta alla Vodka and Cosmo Cocktail

Italian Entrees at Patty B’s

I love creamy pastas, so I had my choices narrowed down to three things for my entree: either the Carbonara, the Alfredo, or the Pasta alla Vodka. Honestly a plate of alfredo with homemade fettucine with gorgonzola crumbles was calling to me, but I decided to go with the one that I’ve never had before which is the Pasta alla Vodka. This is a customer favorite at Patty B’s and I wanted to know why. It’s a beautiful blend of marinara, vodka, cream, parmesan and crushed red pepper flakes served with penne. Our server mentioned that they make the spice level pretty mild (surprise, surprise, New Hampshire!) so that is what I went with because I wanted to experience how the house usually makes it.

I also added sausage to my entree because I like to have some protein. The Italian sausage was only $3 to add, so I went with a blend of sweet and hot.

Patty B's | Dover NH | Pasta alla Vodka

It was absolutely delicious but there was no spice in it at all. I mean AT ALL. So in that regard I could have increased the spice level for sure but it was totally ok. I don’t necessarily need my Italian food to be spicy.

Patty B's | Dover NH | Italian Sausage Sub with Onion Rings

Dave ordered the Italian Sausage Sub with peppers and onions, and omitted the marinara sauce. He really enjoyed it, and also the onion rings were very delicious.

Patty B's | Dover NH | Italian Sausage Sub with Onion Rings

Desserts of Course!

Our meals had been so delicious and enjoyable that we couldn’t resist trying a little dessert. Along with an Espresso Martini, we ordered the Pumpkin Cheesecake. We also got a slice of Carrot Cake to go! The cheesecake was wonderful and rivals any that I’ve had anywhere else.

Patty B's | Dover NH | Bob's Cheesecake and Espresso Martini

Patty B’s is a restaurant that I desperately wish was closer to me! This is totally a place I would go to often if Dover wasn’t such an incredible pain to get to from where I live.



Photographer Erika Follansbee of Parker Street Food & Travel

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