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1210 Cool Things About New Hampshire

At the beginning of May, a special magazine issue of The Hippo came out called 1210 Cool Things About New Hampshire, and you can find lots and lots of my work in that issue. The issue features many of the Best of the Best winners of the 2014 Hippo readers’ poll, and I had the pleasure of going to visit ten of these winners in about a two-week period.

You can see which photos the Hippo chose to run in the issue, but I thought I’d take you behind the scenes and show you the images that really appealed to me. These are the shots that I got excited about and sometimes it’s interesting to see things from the photographer’s perspective rather than the publisher’s perspective. Enjoy!

MT’s Local Kitchen:  Best of the Best Chef
This was a really amazing photo shoot because Michael Buckley was so accommodating to provide me with something like five different extraordinary dishes to photograph. He even sat with me and chatted while I ate this amazing fruit crisp….. so yeah, my job is pretty cool a lot of times. 🙂

fruit crisp: MTMT

scallops: MT

MTs Local Kitchen-  NH Food Photographer MTs Local Kitchen-  NH Food Photographer MTs Local Kitchen-  NH Food Photographer MTs Local Kitchen-  NH Food Photographer

Bread and Chocolate: Best of the Best Bakery
Franz Andlinger, the owner of this quaint European bakery, is amazingly talented and skilled, and also extremely busy! His bakery is well loved and everything I saw and tried was beyond exceptional. Walking into his shop is like stepping into a little bakery in Vienna.

Franz and Fruit Tart from Bread and ChocolateCream Puffs from Bread and Chocolate in Concord, NH

Red Arrow Diner: Best of the Best Breakfast
Believe it or not, I’ve never actually been in the Red Arrow before this shoot even though it’s only 4 miles away from me.  It’s kind of hard to work in a tight space to shoot photos with actual customers all around that I try not to disturb or interfere with, but I happened to pick a lucky afternoon to go when it wasn’t crowded.  They made up some pancakes and their Eggs Benny for me to photograph.

red arrow diner eggs benny cream puff

Red Arrow Diner Eggs Benny

red arrow diner pancakes twinkiesred arrow diner


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