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Real NC Hushpuppies at Keene’s Guerrilla Grill

Hello, Guerrilla Grill!!!! This bbq place in Keene NH is run by a couple of guys from North Carolina and they have amazing food. I had a fantastic pulled pork sandwich topped with pimento (“pummenah” as we say) cheese and their Appalachian bbq sauce. WHAT. I mean, I never heard of a barbecue sandwich with pimento cheese on it, but it worked and was delicious. Usually a NC chopped bbq sandwich is served with slaw on top. But the cheese is ok with me! And the hushpuppies were perfect. 🙌

NC Pulled Pork bbq sandwich topped with pimento cheese and Appalachian Sauce

It’s been a long search for authentic hushpuppies in New Hampshire

After 23+ years of living in New Hampshire, to find some good hushpuppies is a huge discovery because they are hard to find here, and when you do find them, they are not any good. Honestly I just gave up and I never try to get them here, I just wait until I go home to visit and enjoy them there properly. It’s so nice to finally find some that are done right. This NC girl was soooo happy!

They were served with a sweet chili sauce which I thought was unnecessary and didn’t really go with them. I find that New England restaurants always try to serve hushpuppies with a sauce of some kind, likely because New Englanders don’t know how to eat them. So I understand the intent. I saw a place one time that served them with maple syrup which was the craziest abomination I ever saw. No, no, no.

NC Pulled Pork bbq sandwich topped with pimento cheese and Appalachian Sauce

Keene NH Restaurant | Guerrilla Grill | Smashburger

My son got a smashburger topped with mac & cheese (called the “Monkey”) which he really enjoyed. He also got a side of cornbread. Honestly to me that cornbread didn’t look great but I didn’t try any and I forget what he thought of it. The burger looked great, though!

If you ever go to Keene, you must try this place! It’s in a cute historic house and has a great patio out back for warm weather dining. Next time I go I would definitely also get the fried okra since I know they can do good hushpuppies.

Guerrilla Grill
176 Main Street
Keene NH

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