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Award Winning Chicken Tenders at Charlie’s

In 2022, Charlie’s moved into their new space at 1 Pinard Street, taking over the building that was Cote’s Diner. In this much bigger spot, they have continued their domination of the New Hampshire chicken tenders competition. Since Manchester NH was designated the Chicken Tender Capital of the World in 2023, the chicken tenders at Charlie’s have solidified their rank in the Top 3, which also includes the Puritan Backroom and Goldenrod.

Chicken Tenders at Charlie’s Rated #1 in New Hampshire by WMUR Viewers

Chicken Tenders at Charlie's restaurant | Manchester NH | Best of New Hampshire

It occurred to me that we haven’t actually gotten food from Charlie’s since they’ve been in their new location, which would have been over 2 years ago! We always enjoyed it when it was closer to us, and we would often get takeout. Sadly I never go down to the far end of Pinardville so I don’t pass by them anymore. I decided that we needed to get some takeout.

We got a 12-piece chicken tenders with hand cut fries, and they were amazing as always. We also chose a couple of new sauces: the chipotle aioli and the sweet chili, and we loved both of them. You only get one sauce per order of tenders, so whether you get a 5 piece, or a 12 piece, you just get one included sauce. Any extras are $.99. In this case it was worth it to get 2 different sauces because of the amount of tenders we had, and also they were delicious!

Subs and Wraps

Charlie’s has a wide range of subs and wraps to choose from. Everything sounds so good! We got a ham and cheese, and the Southwest wrap. Dave was very happy with his ham & cheese, from the bread to the meat to the way the veggies were sliced.

Charlie's Subs, Pizza, and Chicken Tenders | Manchester NH | Goffstown Restaurant

My Southwest Wrap came with spicy grilled chicken, pepper jack cheese, avocado, lettuce, and tomato. Not only was it hefty enough to do bicep curls with, it was also pretty spicy! It is a very hearty meal.

Wraps and Subs from Charlie's of Goffstown | NH Restaurant

New Favorites

Our lunch yesterday reminded us of how good those chicken tenders really are, and also how much we enjoy the subs and wraps. But there were a couple of new things that we tried that we really loved! I ordered the potato “Tater Kegs” from the appetizer menu and they were amazing. They’re like giant tater tots but stuffed with bacon and cheddar cheese. Fantastic! This, combined with their selection of sauces made it a great lunch!

Charlie's Goffstown NH Restaurant | Potato Tater Kegs appetizer
Charlie's Chicken Tenders | Manchester NH | Goffstown Restaurant | Best Chicken Tenders in New Hampshire

I’m so glad that we decided to re-visit Charlie’s and try some new things along with our old usuals. The chicken tenders at Charlie’s are ranked #1 in New Hampshire are amazing as always and we really loved some of the new offerings. I was excited to refresh my portfolio of takeout photos, and this series of shots only took me 10 minutes from start to finish. I know it won’t be another 2 years before we go back again!



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