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Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo

In my recent visit home to North Carolina, I got together with my high school friends and our kids and we all headed out to the Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo! This was so exciting for me, because I have never eaten at a food truck before, and it was on my bucket list. Apparently there are a few here in New England, but if there are they’re surely not anywhere that I ever am, so this has been quite an elusive thing for me. The rodeo was massive, with over 50 food trucks lined up over half a mile. The variety of foods was staggering, with loads of BBQ, tacos, ice cream, and the only thing that made it even more difficult to choose was the endless lines at each and every one of them. Probably the ONLY thing less than perfect about the food truck rodeo was the insane crowds. This picture does not show the extent of the lines at each truck. In fact, I could never get a clear shot of any of the trucks for all the people.

Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo May 3

Drew’s favorite food is BACON, so we headed right to the Master Bacon truck where we loaded up on some hearty and amazing things:

Top Left: Bacon Wrapped Southwestern Chicken Eggroll
Middle Column: Pork Belly Patty Melt–our Bellydamgoud Grilled Cheese Sandwich stuffed with a Half Pound Burger
Bottom Left and Bottom Right:  Bellydamgoud Grilled Cheese Sandwich–Pulled Pork Belly, Homemade Smoked Gouda Red Pepper Spread on Grilled Sourdough with Premium thick sliced bacon

master bacon 911 raleigh food truck rodeo

Let’s see that Bacon Wrapped Southwestern Chicken Eggroll again up close:

bacon wrapped southwestern chicken eggroll master bacon food truck

After stuffing our faces with that bacon glory, I stopped for a glass of red wine at the Raleigh Wine Shop booth, before continuing down to the Citizen Yogurt stand because my kids were absolutely hellbent on a popscicle! They loved it so much, and emphatically declared that the popsicle was the best part of the whole rodeo. Awesome flavors! I wish I had tried the Avocado Lime. Parker had the Mango Ginger, and Drew loved the Strawberry Cream.

citizen yogurt raleigh food truck rodeo

Thoroughly tired and hot, we had to make one more stop before heading out. Since it was Parker’s 6th birthday, we hit up a cupcake truck and snagged some treats to go. In this box I have: Oreo Love, Mexican Heaven, Butter Pecan Delight, and Cinnamon Heaven.  The Mexican was pretty spicy, I gotta say!

Not Just Icing Food Truck at Downtown Raleigh Food Truck RodeoCupcakes Food Truck at Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo

Can’t wait for my next food truck experience! I hear the New England Food Truck Festival is coming to Portsmouth, NH again this fall, so I’ll definitely have to go to that one even though it will be soooooo much smaller with way fewer trucks.


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