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Here’s a little peek into a recent food styling and photography session I did for Aissa Sweets. Since our first collaboration together back in February went so well, and we discovered that our combined talents worked so well together, they trusted me this time to do the entire shoot here at my home on my own. I could never be pretentious enough to call my living room my “studio,” but for a couple of days that’s exactly what it was.

Aissa Sweets has come up with quite a few new products since our last shoot, and they of course need beautiful marketing photos to show people all these amazing exotic treats. I was charged with the enjoyable challenge of blending these new photos seamlessly into the style of their existing set of photos. The shots we did in the winter have become such an integral part of their brand and style, that I knew I wanted to use many of the same props and emulate the lighting setup as much as I could.  Different location, different time of year (and therefore completely different type of sun), but as always, all beautiful natural light. Super easy and nothing beats it.

Their new cranberry and apricot filled baklava are amazing, and the fruits are just so gorgeous, like exotic jewels.

aissa sweets creative food styling NH

aissa sweets nh food styling

Some of their new products include a variety of bars in unique flavors. Both mine and my husband’s favorite are the new spiced carrot-cinnamon bars. Incredible!

aissa sweets nh food photographer 3aissa sweets nh food photographer

aissa sweets nh food photographer 4

The walnut-coconut bars are also truly delicious!

aissa sweets nh food photographer 2

And the prettiest little gems….. fruit-filled, buttery mamoul cookies.

aissa sweets nh food photographer 5


Did you know??  Aissa Sweets was featured on NH Chronicle in their very own segment! Some of my food photos were featured also. You can view the video here.

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