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The Trestle Burger is Goffstown’s Best Burger

The Village Trestle | Goffstown NH Restaurant | Best Burger in New Hampshire
<em>Best Burger in Goffstown NH The Trestle Burger from the Village Trestle<em>

When you peruse the Village Trestle’s menu, you’ll find appetizers, sandwiches and burgers, salads, pizza, and house specialties. The Trestle has wonderful homemade food, so you can be sure whatever you choose will hit the spot. Literally every single day I’m drooling over whatever they have posted on Facebook for daily specials. But today I’m here to talk about the Trestle Burger, which I think is the best burger certainly in Goffstown, but possibly New Hampshire.

A little past halfway down the Sandwiches and Burgers section, you’ll see the Trestle Burger nonchalantly listed amongst everything else like it was some common thing. Personally I think it needs to be in bigger text with a box around it! It is described as:

Trestle Burger…………$10.95

Sautéed onions, peppers, mushrooms, with bacon and cheese served with our homemade secret sauce on the side

The Village Trestle

The Patty

First, let’s start with the beef. The patty is all beef, hand packed, and cooked to order. I’m pretty sure it’s a 1/3 pounder. This is a big burger! They always ask how you want it cooked, and my husband and I are always in awe of how they NAIL it every single time. He gets his medium, and I get mine medium-well and it comes out perfectly. There is clearly a burger grilling wizard back there. It’s never dense or chewy, just melt in your mouth perfection.

The Trestle Burger | Village Trestle | Goffstown NH Restaurant

The Bun

For me, a successful burger has to do with the bread it’s served on just as much as the meat and toppings. I’m not really into huge buns like Kaiser rolls or big puffy buns that make you feel like you’re just eating straight up bread. The buns on the Trestle Burger are the absolute perfect ratio of bread-to-burger bite imaginable. They’re grilled, so the sides touching the inside of the burger have a slight crisp which helps keep it from getting soggy. The buns actually squish down when you hold your burger, and yet still maintain integrity which is tough to do with a slightly messy burger like the Trestle Burger.

The Toppings

With the Trestle Burger, they could just melt some cheese on it, and it would still be good enough to name after their restaurant. But no, they have a Classic Burger for that. The Trestle Burger as a signature kicks it up with a pile of sautéed onions, peppers, and mushrooms over a layer of cheese and two large crispy slices of bacon. This is a delicious, gooey pile of flavor that melts in your mouth and only the most skilled eaters can devour this without making a huge mess. Y’all, I don’t even like mushrooms and will usually go out of my way to pick them out, but I eat them on the Trestle Burger. My secret? I get a salad on the side so that if any toppings fall out, it all just gets incorporated into my salad. BOOM.

The Trestle Burger | Village Trestle | Goffstown NH Restaurant

Trestle’s Secret Sauce

The Trestle Burger is served with a little container of “secret sauce” which is the pièce de résistance of this culinary work of art. I’m pretty sure it’s a Thousand Island Dressing mixed with horseradish and it is the thing that pulls everything together in this champion of a burger. I love that the top bun comes open on its side so that you can slather the peachy-pink goodness right on there. I’m always sure to save a little so that I can fully coat any parts that I come across that don’t have enough. It’s also excellent for dipping the oven fried potato wedges into, if you get that for your side. Not a drop of this sweet & spicy sauce goes to waste.

The Trestle Burger | Village Trestle | Goffstown NH Restaurant

In previous years prior to 2020, The Village Trestle used to do Two for One Tuesdays where their burgers were buy 1 get one free. My husband and I used to go all the time on Tuesdays for this reason, and we were hooked. Understandably since then they don’t have that promotion anymore but the Trestle Burger is still on the menu. Be sure to stop in and check out this triumph of a burger! And while you’re there, listen to some live music and try some of their amazing homemade and huge desserts!

The Village Trestle
25 Main St.
Goffstown NH 03045

Photographer Erika Follansbee of Parker Street Food & Travel

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