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Weeks Pizza: Goffstown’s Newest Restaurant

Weeks Pizza Goffstown NH | Food and Restaurant Photographer | New Restaurant

As of December 2023, Weeks Pizza is Goffstown’s newest restaurant. Located in the heart of Goffstown Village, Weeks Pizza has replaced Ray Street Pizza which was there for a few years. They offer a very similar menu to Ray’s which is pizza (with an updated recipe), subs, salads, and some appetizers.

We tried out Weeks Pizza after they had been open for less than 10 days. We ordered 2 subs, a small pizza, and an order of onion rings just to sample a few different menu items.

Two Things We Loved

Weeks Pizza Goffstown NH | Food and Restaurant Photographer | Sub Sandwich Review
The 2 best items we tried Pepperoni Pizza and Chicken Bacon Ranch Sub

A couple of the things we really liked were the small 12″ Pepperoni pizza ($12.50), and the Chicken Bacon Ranch sub. The pizza was a perfect size, and it was cooked beautifully, with just crispy-enough edges. The crust was thick enough to have some chew and the bubbles in the dough were pretty. I thought the cheese was fantastic. I’m not much of a pizza connoisseur, so I pretty much think all pizza is good. I wish I knew more about it to have an educated option, but if given the choice I will always choose Mexican food over pizza. My husband is much more the pizza and sub kind of guy than I am.

Weeks Pizza Goffstown NH | Food and Restaurant Photographer | Sub Sandwich Review

What I really loved about the Chicken Bacon Ranch Sub is how warm and gooey cheesy it was. There were big chunks of chopped roasted chicken, and the bacon was finely chopped instead of whole slices. It was all held together with melted American cheese and ranch dressing for a comforting and chewy sub. The roll was also perfect for this sub because the bread was dense enough to hold up to all the melty ingredients. They get their sub rolls from right across the street, made by Sweet Love Bakery. Love that Goffstown collaboration! If anything I think the bread could stand to be a little less dense because I can see how it is a lot to chew combined with the other subs. A little lighter texture would probably be amazing.

2 Things that were Less Successful

Weeks Pizza Goffstown NH | Food and Restaurant Photographer | Sub Sandwich Review

My husband ordered the large Roast Beef sub which was a bit unfortunate. Mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle: that’s been his standard order for over 25 years that I’ve known him. When ordering online, there was no option for mayonnaise so he just ordered it dry so that he could put mayo on it at home. The roast beef itself was thickly sliced which is weird because roast beef is usually shaved thinner (according to him. I personally have never eaten a roast beef sandwich in my whole life, so I dunno.) Some of the vegetables were cut into very large chunks which did not fit well on the sub. Some of the red onions were as big as your pinky which is just not a good taste on a sandwich. So overall his sub was really dry, with thick meat and huge chunks of veggies. Sadly he really didn’t like it.

A couple of weeks later we noticed that mayonnaise had been added as an option on the website, but they charge $0.50 for it which is unusual for a sub shop to charge for such a common condiment. And they don’t offer ketchup or mustard at all on the online ordering page.

Weeks Pizza Goffstown NH | Food and Restaurant Photographer | New Restaurant

The second item that we weren’t crazy about was the onion rings. Yes, this was a takeout order so some sogginess is to be expected from a styrofoam container but these were just really soft and soggy. It was just unlike any other onion rings that we’ve ever ordered. So I think some tweaking of the recipe might be in order for that one. I wouldn’t get those again even if I was eating in the restaurant.

We’ll be Back!

Like any new restaurant, I’m sure there are growing pains that happen in the first few months. I do hope that as they perfect their sub making skills that this will become a place we will order from frequently. But thankfully their pizza is great, which is in their name!

Welcome to Goffstown!

Weeks Pizza
23 Main St.
Goffstown NH 03045

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