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China Gourmet in Goffstown Village

My little town has three Chinese food restaurants, and one of them is China Gourmet in Goffstown village. Nestled between Weeks Pizza, and the Village Trestle, this sparkling clean little Chinese food restaurant serves up some wonderful Chinese-American dishes.

China Gourmet in Goffstown NH Food Photography | Restaurant Photos | Lunch Combination L8
L8 Lunch Combination Szechuan Spicy Chicken $1195 from China Gourmet in Goffstown

Lunch Combinations at China Gourmet in Goffstown

I recently placed a takeout order from China Gourmet, and my family got three different lunch combinations to sample and photograph. We chose:

  • General Gau’s Chicken (L11) $11.95
  • Szechuan Spicy Chicken (L8) $11.95
  • Sweet & Sour Pork (L5) $10.95
  • Pu Pu Platter for 1 $15.95

With each combo you can choose between pork fried rice or white rice, and also an appetizer for each. We chose crab rangoon, beef teriyaki, and an egg roll.

China Gourmet | Goffstown NH Food Photography | Restaurant Photos | General Gau's and Sweet and Sour Pork
Left General Gaus Chicken | Right Sweet Sour Pork

Both the General Gau’s and the Sweet & Sour pork came with very generous portions of pork fried rice which was lightly brown, and filled with pieces of vegetable and pork. The fried pork tidbits came with a gorgeous red sweet and sour sauce that made a beautiful and colorful dish.

Fun Selection of Appetizers

China Gourmet | Goffstown NH Food Photography | Restaurant Photos | Beef Teriyaki

The beef teriyaki was wonderful. It was beautifully grilled and not overcooked at all, still retaining a tender texture. The teriyaki marinade was mildly sweet and added a lovely flavor.

China Gourmet | Goffstown NH Food Photography | Restaurant Photos | Egg Rolls and Crab Rangoon
Crab Rangoon and Egg Rolls from China Gourmet in Goffstown

In addition to the lunch entrees, we really enjoyed the appetizers from the Pu Pu Platter. The crab rangoons were fried to bubbly golden perfection, and filled with sweet cream cheese and crab. The egg rolls also were large, dense, and beautifully fried. The restaurant also provided plenty of sweet duck sauce for dipping.

China Gourmet in Goffstown village is a wonderful Chinese food restaurant that I can’t believe we haven’t been to more frequently. After this beautiful lunch spread that we had, I’m sure we will be back very soon!

China Gourmet
25 Main St.
Goffstown NH 03045

China Gourmet | Goffstown NH Food Photography | Restaurant Photos | Lunch Combinations Takeout

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