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Lufthansa Business Class BOS-FRA

BOS-FRA  Lufthansa 747-400 Business Class

My trip to Venice last summer began in style, as it was my first time traveling in business class. Back in early February, I had begun learning about the amazing hobby of airline points and miles, and in no time at all I had enough points to book my round trip flights to Venice in business class. I used Chase Ultimate Reward points, and it cost 140,000 points round trip + a small amount of money, a little over $100 if I remember correctly. Not a bad deal!

First, I was excited to arrive at Boston Logan where I was whisked through check in and security with my business class boarding pass. I then eagerly found the lounge! This was super exciting for me, and I had no idea what to expect. It was like entering this whole secret world that ordinary people just don’t know about. A secret hideout full of snacks and alcohol and comfy seats and all the plugs you could ever want for recharging your phone! Yeah it was pretty nice.

Snack selection at BOS Logan business loungeFood and drink at BOS Logan business lounge

I had like 2 glasses of wine, and a beer, and some snacks…… all because I could, you know!  Hell yeah! And then I was ready for my 10:15 flight to Frankfurt which would arrive by 11:10am the next day. I was excited to see what this was all about.

As I boarded the plane, I was sent to the left which was very unfamiliar to me. It’s been a long time since I took an overseas trip with these really large planes, but even then I always went to the right. I headed into the front of the plane, where the lights were dim, the seats were all spread far apart, and everything was being settled in hushed tones. My seat was absolutely gorgeous, and my seat was piled high with a beautiful pillow and blanket.  I immediately put my feet allllllll the way up, and ahhhhhhh.

After takeoff, the dinner service immediately started. More wine? Yes, please! The menu was beautiful and I opted for the salad appetizer, crabcakes entree, and cheese plate dessert all while watching Sherlock on the tv with the provided Bose noise cancelling headphones. This was amazing.

Lufthansa Business Menu BOS-FRA

I have to admit the crabcakes didn’t look very good, and the hollandaise sauce was kind of separated, but it all tasted fine.

Lufthansa Business Class Entree: Crabcakes BOS-FRA


lufthansa business class meal

After dinner, reclined my chair all the way down completely flat, curled up with my blanket and pillow and had a pretty darn good sleep. The entire flight was only 7 hours, so it wasn’t a full night’s rest but it was absolutely fantastic to be able to lay down on a plane which I have never done before. My legs and ankles were of good color and size by morning, which was a relief because they’re usually all blue and dead looking due to my poor circulation from sitting up for hours on end.

Breakfast service came around even though I wasn’t hungry at all. But I was still eager to keep trying everything! Bring it on! Yogurt, fruit, and a selection of meats and cheeses to (I assume) make a little sandwich with your croissant.

Breakfast service Lufthansa business class flight

By this time we were descending into Germany, and I loved the views of the Rhine River meandering through the countryside and all the neat little towns that we passed over. Eventually the towns turned into the large city of Frankfurt which looked beautiful and orderly from up above.

After landing, I went through passport control and wandered around for a bit before heading to the Frankfurt Lufthansa business lounge to wait out my 5 hour layover connection to Venice.

Frankfurt Business Class Lounge

I absolutely loved my first experience in business class. The whole purpose of the points and miles hobby is to be able to have experiences that you otherwise never would, and I’m really grateful to have been able to made such a long journey in style and comfort. It’s true what they say–once you go left, you can never go right again!  I’m totally looking forward to my upcoming trip to Rome in business class, this time with Swiss Air!

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