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An Evening at Colby Hill Inn | Henniker, NH

Loooong story made short …… I wanted to visit Colby Hill Inn in Henniker, NH this year for the first time for Restaurant Week NH, but then scheduling got all wonky and we couldn’t actually go for the start of Restaurant week, so we went last night for a belated Mother’s Day treat for me.  🙂  Yay!  In the end, yadda yadda yadda,  it doesn’t matter, I just wanted to GO. Everything sounded delicious.  So while this isn’t technically a post about Restaurant Week as I had originally hoped it would be, Colby Hill Inn is one of the participating restaurants and their food is certainly very beautiful and skillful!

And my goodness, we had a private dining experience. Dave and I sat there and thoroughly enjoyed watching the bluejays, cardinals, chickadees, and woodpeckers on the many birdfeeders  right outside the dining room window. What a gorgeous evening!

Colby Hill Inn | NH Restaurant Photos | Henniker
Colby Hill Inn | NH Restaurant Photos | Henniker


I ordered a Seabreeze to start with, and then they brought us out a little amuse-bouche which (if memory serves) was a cucumber slaw with sesame ginger dressing, swirled with their delicious basil oil. Yum! So cute and perfect!

Colby Hill Inn | Henniker NH Restaurant Photos | Food Photography

For an appetizer Dave and I shared the Shrimp Stuffed Phyllo Pockets:  Crispy Baked Phyllo Pockets Stuffed with Fresh Shrimp, Parsley, Scallions, Panko Bread Crumbs, and Served with Asian Peanut Sauce. Also perfectly delicious, Dave said it was his favorite thing of the evening. He loved it!

Colby Hill Inn | NH Restaurant Photos | Henniker NH Restaurant
colby hill inn appetizer phyllo pockets | Henniker NH Restaurant

My entree was the Signature Dish–the  Colby Chicken: Chicken Breast Stuffed with House-Made Lobster and Leek Boursin Cheese.  Served with Crushed Fingerling Potatoes and Sautéed Asparagus.  Yes, it was as good as it looks and sounds.

Colby Hill Inn | Henniker NH Restaurant | Colby Chicken-Signature Dish


I was so full after that, and in fact had some of my chicken boxed up to take home. But I can’t skip dessert at a place like this, I just have to experience it! So I had a Muddy Monkey for my second drink which was banana-y and perfect with dessert. And we ordered the Frozen Chocolate Mousse to share: Frozen Chocolate Mousse on a Shortbread Cookie topped with White Chocolate Anglaise.  I could have destroyed that thing with just two bites and my bare hands, but we remained civil and shared small forkfuls until it was gone. Hah!

colby hill inn restaurant photos | Henniker NH | After Dinner Drinks
colby hill inn | Henniker NH Restaurant Dessert Photos

It was such an enjoyable meal on a beautiful evening–and certainly very peaceful since we were the only ones there! This is definitely a great place to keep in mind for special occasions, and since we live in Goffstown, not an unreasonable drive either.

Erika Follansbee is a natural light food photographer in Goffstown, NH. She specializes in inviting, ambient photos of real menu items in a restaurant’s own unique environment.   The result is distinctive, compelling, and mouth watering.

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