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The Chef Italian Restaurant | New Boston NH

The Chef is a new Italian restaurant in New Boston, NH which opened just in November. It’s located on Rt 13 just outside of Goffstown in the location that many will remember as the old Sliders restaurant. I’ve been hearing some good things about it on our town Facebook page, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to give it a try with my husband for our Valentine’s Day dinner. We have not been out to a restaurant since last October, so I was really excited to go out!

Lunch Menu

We’re not usually the type of people who eat at a “normal” time, so we went at a kind of weird time of day on a Saturday that was in between lunch and dinner. Although I hoped for the dinner menu, we ended up with the lunch menu, which features more sandwiches and paninis than the dinner menu. I knew I had to give the gold standard a try: the Chicken Parmigiana.

The Chef | New Boston NH | Italian restaurant
<em>The Chef is a new Italian restaurant in New Boston NH<em>

There were two thick cutlets of chicken, breaded and fried, and smothered in cheese. All this was over a bed of spaghetti and sauce. It was a very solid chicken parm! I probably could have gotten two meals out of it, if I’d asked for a box, but I was starving so I ate it all. Not sorry!

Meanwhile, my husband ordered the fried shrimp plate which I didn’t get a photo of, unfortunately.

The Chef | New Boston NH | Italian restaurant | Chicken Parmigiana and Grand Cosmo drink

I ordered the Grand Cosmo to try out their drinks, and let me tell you, at $8 it was the most reasonably priced and strongest drink I think I’ve ever had at a restaurant. Holy moly! I seriously don’t think I could have done a second one. It was really delicious and stayed perfectly chilled throughout my whole meal.

The Chef is a lovely new restaurant in our area that I’d encourage you to check out. The new owners have done a beautiful job with the interior–you should see the amazing mural of Venice on the soaring high foyer walls!

The Chef | New Boston NH | Italian restaurant | Chicken Parmigiana

Where to find it:

The Chef
737 River Rd.
New Boston, NH 03070

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Erika Follansbee is a Goffstown, NH food photographer whose job is to make food look amazing. She is available for hire to help small restaurants and cafes to create beautiful images of their dishes to use for marketing, websites, and social media. Magazine-quality food images are the best form of advertisement.

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